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Gothic Crucifix Longsword
This Gothic styled longsword has a blade of EN45 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel of the hilt are steel and the wooden grip is tightly overlaid in leather. The scabbard is of wood and it is bound in tight leather with a steel tip.
Deluxe Gold-Inlay Seax of Beagnoth - Limited Edition,Seax of Beagnoth Viking Knife
The Limited Edition Deluxe Seax of Beagnoth is a battle-ready replica of the famous Thames Scramasax which has been embellished with 18k gold-inlaid runes and geometric design. It is idealized for display with a Wood and Brass wall-mount. Limited run of 250.
Viking Thane’s Pouch
Everyone, be he noble or peasant, needed a pouch to carry their worldly treasures while traveling. This gorgeous leather and suede pouch will hold your possessions.
Lady Pirate Hat
With our Lady Pirate Hat (Adult) you can top off the look of your sassy buccaneer look with this hat which features a black bow and intricate trim along the brim.
Corsair Cutlass Pirate Sword with Leather Scabbard,Corsair Cutlass Barbary Pirate Sword with Leather Scabbard
The design of the guard on this pirate cutlass allow it to be used both left handed and right handed. The high carbon steel blade is tough enough for just about any adventure. Includes matching leather scabbard and suede baldric.
Dusägge / Sinclair Saber
This Dusägge / Dusack (or Sinclair Saber) has a blade crafted from high carbon steel. The hilt is blued steel and the grip is leather over a wood core. The scabbard of leather is fitted with blued steel fittings.
English Half-Basket Hanger
The English Hanger has a blade crafted from high carbon steel; it is fitted to a blued steel hilt and a blackened hardwood grip. The thick leather scabbard is fitted with blued steel accents to match.
Falchion Sword
Falchion - Steel pommel and guard with leather wrapped grip. Designed for live steel combat. Blunted or factory edged spring steel blade.
Roman Feltwell 5th Century Spatha,Feltwell Spatha
The Feltwell Spatha is a replica of a sword found in the remains of a 5th Century Romano British villa. Blade is high carbon steel with a hexagonal cross section. The hilt is of carved wood. Included is a wooden scabbard with a red leather overwrap.
Five-Lobe Viking Sword - Deluxe Scabbard ,Five-Lobe Viking Sword with Suspension Loop Scabbard,Five Lobe Viking Sword
This Viking Sword has a blade forged from EN45 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are steel and the pommel is finished with inlaid twisted steel wire. The grip is wood and is overlaid in tightly-fitted leather.
Knights Templar Sugarloaf Helm
This Sugarloaf Helm has a conical top and an antique decorative cross sporting the cross of the Knights Templar. Made of 18 gauge steel, the helm has a soft, padded adjustable liner inside.
French Court Smallsword,Smallsword,Small sword
This French Smallsword has a blade of high carbon steel which is mounted into a hilt of plated brass with a silvered finish. The wooden grip is tightly wrapped in steel wire. Included is a leather scabbard with plated fittings.
Roman Fulham Gladius - Bone Grip,Roman Fulham Gladius,Fulham Rondel Gladius
The Fulham Gladius has a blade of unsharpened high carbon steel. The guard and pommel are of intricately carved wood and the grip is of carved bone. A guard-plate of brass it inset into the guard at that base of the blade.
Roman Fulham Gladius
The Roman Fulham Gladius has a blade crafted from high carbon steel; the hilt has a guard and pommel of wood and the grip is carved bone. Included is a wooden scabbard with a brown leather overwrap, brass accents and brass hanging rings.
Gaelic-Norse Arming Sword  - Stage Combat Version
The Gaelic Norse Arming Sword has a thick, blunted blade of high carbon steel built for the hard knocks of stage and sport combat. The tip is rounded for safety and the blade is hollow ground to reduce weight whilst maintaining durability.
Gladiator Sica Sword,Gladiatorial Sica Sword
This Sica Sword has a blade of high carbon steel and a hilt of carved wood. A protective brass plate is fitted to the base of the guard.
Gothic Longsword - Stage Combat Version
This stage and sport combat version of the Gothic Longsword has a blade with thick edges and a rounded tip that is able to handle the rigors of extended blade-on-blade contact. The crossguard and pommel are handcrafted from steel and the wood grip is bound in leather and twisted steel wire.
British 1845 Infantry Officer Sword
This replica of the British 1845 Infantry Officer’s Sword has a tempered blade of high carbon steel which is etched and embellished with the symbology of the British Royalty and of the British Empire. The sword comes with a steel scabbard with steel hanging rings. Zulu War Era.
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