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15th Century Arming Sword
15th Century Arming Sword with unsharpened EN45 high carbon spring steel blade. Steel guard and pommel, leather covered wooden grip. Includes scabbard.
Greek Spear Set
Our Greek Spearhead and Butt cap set are made from steel and brass - ready to mount on a spear pole.
Roman Mainz Gladius - Red Scabbard
The Roman Mainz Gladius has a blade of high carbon EN45 spring steel and a hilt of wood with a grip of bone. The pommel nut is brass and the inlaid guard plate is also brass. A removable, protective felt tab is fitted atop the guard.
Fulham Rondel Gladius
The Roman Fulham Rondel Gladius has a blade of EN45 high carbon steel and wood hilt. Pommel cap is brass, as is the protective plate atop the guard. Wood scabbard is wrapped in leather and finished with brass embellishment and hanging rings.
Greenman Altar Table
Perfect for the practitioner who travels or who has a need for a portable altar space, this 8 inch Altar Table has been carved with the likeness of the Greenman.
Tiger Fork
There are several stories about Chinese hunters using these giant forked tools to capture and kill big cats. It was also used as a weapon of war as a formidable fighting implement. Features an elongated central spike to maximize its thrusting potential and inwardly curved outer forks to increase the success of trapping.
El Dorado Top Hat 5 Skull Band - Black
The El Dorado Top Hat 5 Skull Band in Black is made in the US from top quality leather. Sometimes, the understated look is perfect for the situation. Featuring 5 subtle skulls
Leather Dragon Top Hat
This Leather Dragon Top Hat is made in the US from the finest materials. The hatband features a dragon's face laced closure. A breathtaking showpiece, the hatband is removable for those times you require a more low-key topper.
Flamberge Rapier
This Rapier is made from a high carbon steel blunted flamberge blade, with a full tang and threaded pommel. Wooden wire wrapped grip and swept guard.
Medieval Templar Belt - Red
Medieval Templar Belt Red is a colorful long belt and perfect for your both your tunic and your sword. The wide, 1 3/4 inch belt will accommodate most frogs. Heavy grade leather, extra long at 68 in, and finished with Maltese crosses.
Knights Templar Banner
Our Knights Templar Banner is a Historical Medieval Banner from the Crusader period. Sewn from linen these quality banners are not silk screened.
Pirate Medallion - Pewter
Our Pirate Medallion Pendant measures 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and comes on a 36 inches long black cotton 2.5 mm cord ready to wear. It is cast from lead free pewter in the USA.
Tourney Hand-and-a-Half Sword - Blunt by Kingston Arms
Hand-and-a-Half Sword is close recreation of the famous Oakeshott Type XVIIIa.4 sword. Made safe for reenactment and stage use. This sword proves to be a powerful sight on the field of battle and is a perfect accompaniment for a 14th to mid 15th Century man of war.
Leather Scale Armor Set - Bracers - Greaves
Set of scale armor from thick leather scales that are approximately 7-9 oz in thickness. Includes Breastplate, Backplate Bracers and Greaves. Scales are secured with brass rivets to their backing.
WW1 Brodie 'Tommy' Helmet Pin Badge
WW1 Brodie 'Tommy' Helmet Pin Badge is made from Polished English Pewter. This pewter Tommy Helmet is supplied on a pin with clasp. The information on the reverse of the card describes trench warfare during World War I.
Templar Arming Sword with Scabbard
Templar Sword and Scabbard with EN45 spring steel blade. Steel hilt with wooden grip, overlaid with leather. Scabbard is wood with steel fittings and hanging rings.
Knight's Templar Arming Sword with Scabbard
Knight's Templar Sword and Scabbard with EN45 spring steel blade. Steel hilt with wooden grip, overlaid with leather. Scabbard is wood with steel fittings and hanging rings.
WWII Aircraft Identification Poster
This poster shows silhouette images of both British and German fighter and bomber airplanes from World War II.
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