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Forgotten Dreams Collection of LARP Foam Weapons

LARP Swords LARP Daggers

Forgotten Dreams Collection of LARP Foam Weapons
Our Collection of Forgotten Dreams LARP foam weapons are replicas of weapons from ancient eras through Medieval and Renaissance periods. The Forgotten Dreams Collections include LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP battle axes, LARP shields and LARP maces. They also carry a wide selection of LARP Fantasy Weapons and Shields.

The Forgotten Dreams LARP Swords, LARP Daggers and LARP Pole Weapons are made with a fiberglass core rod, encased with a thick layer of plastic foam. The inner layer of foam on these LARP weapons is then covered with a durable protective latex layer. Finally, our LARP weapons get a stunning visual finish using authentic color shadings.

Forgotten Dreams LARP weapons are meant to be used for Live Action Role Playing, however they are great as practice weapons. LARP weapons are safe and can be used in theatrical plays or as movie props. We hope you enjoy our Forgotten Dreams LARP weapons.

Forgotten Dreams Chaos LARP Weapons

Forgotten Dreams Chaos LARP Weapons
Our dark and fearsome Chaos Collection of foam LARP weapons with Skull motif includes the Chaos, Snake and Devil swords in short, long and deluxe versions, matching Shields and daggers. We also carry the Chaos LARP battle Axes.
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