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Measurement Chart for our Custom Armour

Steel or Leather Armor

You may either write your measurements in the "Measurements and General Information section" during the checkout process from our shopping cart, or print this page and fax or mail it to us.

It is best to use a cloth or a tailor measuring tape and it's easier if you have someone assist you. Try to stand straight, naturally relaxed (if not otherwise requested). The measuring tape should be snug to the body, but do not draw it too tight.

For the best fit you should wear the clothes that you will be wearing under your Armour, (Arming doublet, Padded Hose, Tunic, Chain mail shirt, Shoes, Pants, etc.)!

Not all measurements are necessary for all armor types / parts. Try to choose only the relevant ones. If in doubt please fill in. More is better than less.

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