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Military Letter Openers

Assorted WWI, WWII and Military Letter Openers from CAS Hanwei. Historical miniature replicas of full size Fighting Knives, Daggers and Bayonets; these miniatures have details like their full size counterparts.

Fairbairn Sykes Letter Opener MH2356

Fairbairn Sykes Letter Opener
The Fairbairn Sykes Letter Opener is a copy of the full size WWII British Commando counterpart. Named for its designers, W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes who developed it prior to WWII.
Price: $29.95

M7 Bayonet Letter Opener MH2361

M7 Bayonet Letter Opener
The M7 Bayonet Letter Opener is a copy of the bayonet Introduced in 1964. The M7 Bayonet was standard issue for the M16 family of rifles during the Vietnam War.
Price: $29.95
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