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Leather Gauntlets


Your Leather Gauntlets will protect your hands in style. Our leather armour gauntlets are made from 13-15 ounce leather; this ensures long life and durability. We have full leather gauntlets and half gauntlets available. Our leather gauntlets come in various colors and styles.

Chain Mail Gauntlets

Chain Mail Gauntlets 300008
Our Chain Mail Gauntlets protect the back of the hand, we have added mail on our black leather gauntlets and also placed slightly cupped steel lames all around the cuff.
Price: $124.00

Leather Demi Gauntlets BTS-2127

Leather Demi Gauntlets BTS-2127
Fully articulated leather forearm protection. Our Leather Demi Gauntlets are made from 13-15 oz armour grade leather or lighter 8-10 oz LARP leather plates.
Price: $95.00

Leather Gauntlet Gloves

Leather Gauntlet Gloves 20-R-ColGaunt
Made of the finest deerskin leather found in the New World. These gloves are soft, supple, and fit like a...dream. Optional accent colors at the wrist allow you to match these gloves with the rest of your attire.
Price: $55.00

Leather Gauntlets

Leather Gauntlets 26-200376
The Leather Gauntlets feature long-cuff construction seen throughout the ages these supple, leather gauntlets are soft to allow easy gripping of your sword or tankard. Our gauntlets come undecorated to let you customize for your favorite era.
Price: $58.00

Leather Half Gauntlets BTS-2125

Leather Half Gauntlets BTS-2125
These Leather Half Gauntlets meet SCA standards and fit nicely into rattan shield baskets. One size fits all!
Price: $64.95

Leather Mitten Gauntlets

Leather Mitten Gauntlets
These fully articulated leather mitten gauntlets are styled from armor of about 1450. Made from 13-15 oz leather plates, they include internal leather straps and come with articulated thumb plates. Ties at cuff.
Price: $115.00

Leather Riding Gauntlets Brown 58-5009

Leather Riding Gauntlets Brown 58-5009
Leather Riding Gauntlets in Brown quality leather. These Leather Gauntlets are soft, supple and flexible enough for griping the reins of your warhorse or the hilt of your sword. The long wider cuffs for Medieval, Renaissance or LARP use. 
Price: $56.00

Reinforced Leather Gauntlets GH0031

Reinforced Leather Gauntlets GH0031
Made from heavy leather that has been reinforced with steel plates and studs and then hand stitched onto supple leather gauntlets.
Price: $262.00
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