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Women's Plus Size Dresses and Gowns

We have a great selection that consists of plus sized women's dresses and gown. We have pirate dresses, medieval gowns, peasant dresses, renaissance gowns and reversible dresses all in larger sizes. They go great with our chemises and skirts. These medieval and renaissance dresses and gowns can be worn to Medieval faires, Renaissance events, Medieval weddings, special occasions and SCA events. Try out our top quality Medieval and Renaissance style plus size dresses and gowns.

Abita di Firenze Gown

Abita di Firenze Gown DK-ADF
In our Abita di Firenze Gown you can stroll along merchants' way in Florence while stopping to gaze at the frescos. Removable sleeves reverse to black.
Price: $275.00

Adora Dress 22-C1123

Adora Dress
This red linen dress features detachable black sleeves. 15 buttons down the front and 18 on each sleeve add interesting detail to this simple, yet elegant dress. White chemise is not included.
Price: $124.95

Amah Gown 22-C1136

Amah Gown
This simple rayon dress features side lacing for a flattering, adjustable fit. Looks great on any figure. Light brown chemise sold separately.
Price: $74.95

Angmar Medieval Overdress 22-C1145

Angmar Medieval Overdress
Medieval Overdress made from soft cotton fabric, this blue over dress has an open front with lacing at the torso for a fitted look. Chemise sold separately.
Price: $67.95

Beauty Of Stripe Gown 22-C1120

Beauty Of Stripe Gown
Made from cotton fabric, this striped gown is elaborate and stylish. Beaded lace trims the neckline and bustle. Lacing at the back allows a fitted and feminine look.
Price: $139.95

Bella Abita Gown

Bella Abita Gown DK-BA
The Bella Abita gown is fashioned after gowns worn in the late 1400's, this comfortable fit dress is made of cotton velveteen, the closest modern equivalent to period velvet. An embroidered motif accentes the bodice. Trim and embroidery will vary. Machine wash, cool, gentle, tumble dry.
Price: $155.00

Bellissima Gown

Bellissima Gown
The Bellissima Gown matches the Duke's Doublet! Our beautiful and dramatic version of this late 15th century gown has reversible, removable sleeves - a dress for every body.
Price: $175.00

Celtic Dress with Petticoat DK-CD

Celtic Dress with Petticoat DK-CD
A beautiful cotton velveteen Celtic Dress set with cotton petticoat, introduced in the late 1400's, this festive Celtic Dress with Petticoat may still be seen in Europe today.
Price: $260.00

Country Maid Skirt with Integral Bodice

Country Maid Skirt with Integral Bodice 100126
This country dress is made of durable 100% cotton. The bodice is laced to fit with brass grommets, and the attached full skirt is split down the front to show a modest peek of underdress.
Price: $76.50

Courtly Green Brocade Dress 22-C1130

Courtly Green Brocade Dress
This courtly brocade gown is made from green brocade fabric with dark green velvet details. The detachable belt features a jeweled brooch and beaded lace. Lacing at the back is finished with glass bead tassels.
Price: $169.95

Duchess Gown VL-DUCH

Duchess Gown VL-DUCH
Our Duchess Gown is made of cotton velveteen, lined in various satin and trim colors, and is boned in front for support.
Price: $230.00

Elise Dress 22-C1097

Elise Dress
Our Elise Dress is crafted from natural linen fabric, making this a light and breathable dress. Suitable for outdoor events in summer.
Price: $144.95

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094

Fair Maiden's Dress 22-C1094
Our Fair Maiden's Dress is made from 100% Rayon Fabric. It features reinforced boning and coordinating trim in front. 
Price: $99.95

Fleur-De-Lis Gown 22-C1134

Royalty Of Fleur-De-Lis Gown
This red and gold gown features a detachable belt with a jeweled brooch. Shimmering and stately, this gown is fit for French royalty. 
Price: $244.95

Forest Princess Dress 22-C1093

Forest Princess Dress
Made from natural flax linen, the Forest Princess dress has been embellished with golden trims and elegant buttons on the sleeves. Lacing in the back ensures a shapely fit.
Price: $154.95

Gloriana Dress 22-C1140

Gloriana Dress
This blue linen over dress features red lace trim at the edges and on the fabric belt. Lacing at the sides provides an adjustable fit. Red chemise included.
Price: $97.95

Highland Dress 22-C1096

Highland Dress
Our Highland Dress features a layered look in the ease of a single garment. The skirt, bodice, and sleeves are all sewn together- no separate chemise to add bulk and heat.
Price: $99.95

Hildegard Princess Dress 22-C1105

Hildegard Princess Dress
A floor-length, velvet dress with a full skirt. The puffed sleeves tighten through the elbows to the wrists. Golden lace trims the front, neckline, and hem. The side panels of the dress are decorated with a rich brocade fabric.
Price: $149.95

Irish Dress TT8-060

Irish Dress TT8-060
Our Irish lace-up dress can be worn for Late Medieval, Renaissance, Scottish and Celtic events.
Price: $175.00

Isabel Silk Dress 22-C1106

Isabel Silk Dress 22-C1106
Our Isabel Silk Dress is a lightweight, simply cut gown with wide golden jacquard ribbon on cuffs and hem. Fine golden lace accents the neckline and shoulder seam.
Price: $124.95

Lady of Leeds Gown 22-C1104

Lady of Leeds Gown
The Lady of Leeds gown features drop sleeves and a front split, both lined with gold brocade fabric. Broad lace highlights the square neckline, elbows, and center front. Lacing in the back ensures a proper fit.
Price: $184.95

Maiden Surcoat 22-C1138

Maiden Surcoat
This green surcoat is made in a linen blend. It represents what middle class women would have worn in Medieval Europe. The surcoat and detachable belt are trimmed in black lace. Black chemise sold separately.
Price: $96.95

Medieval Dress 22-C1095

Medieval Dress
A casual medieval gown, made from rayon. Elastic at the neckline gives the option to wear it on or off the shoulder. Decorative lace highlights the sleeves, hem, and waist.
Price: $144.95

Medieval Maidens Dress-Bodice Set TT9-944

Medieval Maidens Dress-Bodice Set TT9-944
Preferred by rich and poor throughout the 13 - 15th centuries, this attractive Medieval Maidens Dress-Bodice Set made a proper impression at church and social gatherings. Square cut neck, bloused sleeves, flair at the hem.
Price: $150.00

Muslin Underdress or Chemise

Muslin Underdress 100104
This underdress, or chemise, is made from 100% cotton muslin with elastic wrist gathers and a drawstring neck, that can be worn on or off the shoulder.
Price: $53.50

Princess Of Pearl Dress 22-C1133

Princess Of Pearl Dress
The splendor and beauty of the medieval era has never been more apparent than in this stunning dress. The shimmering satin material, elegant blue and gold trim, and pearled white buttons give it a royal air.
Price: $126.00

The Majestic Beauty Gown 22-C1132

The Majestic Beauty Gown
This 2 piece gown includes the Princess of Pearl dress and a surcoat to be worn over. The surcoat has a wide neckline and plunging armholes which reach to the hip, exposing the dress beneath. The surcoat is made of velvet, with metallic white lace.
Price: $279.95

Venetian Gown DK-VG

Venetian Gown DK-VG
Silk Noil has been described as a soft, brushed, raw silk, and in our Venetian Gown is eminently wearable. The styling of this gown is derived from paintings by Lorenzo Lotto, a 15th century Venetian Master. Made in USA.
Price: $243.00

White Bella Abita Gown DK-BAW

White Bella Abita Gown DK-BAW
Special Edition of our Bella Abita Gown. For your very special occasion we are proud to present our White version of the beautiful Bella Abita Gown.
Price: $265.00