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October 10, 2014
Customer Service
I just wanted to say how much my friend loved his sword that I purchased at your on line store. He knew exactly what kind it was before he finished unwrapping it and I was thrilled with the quality and customer service. Thanks again for answering all my questions.

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About us

We are the oldest online merchants of Medieval swords, Medieval and Renaissance clothing, leather and functional steel armour and LARP gear. We supply collectors, reenactors and LARP (live action role-playing) groups with high quality swords, chainmail, helms, shields, jewelry and historical accessories. We search the world so that we can offer historical reproductions for your fun and enjoyment as well as your re-enactment and historical needs.

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Serious Collectors and Reenactors, we welcome you to your Authentic Reproductions
Home. Our museum quality replicas range through centuries, and over continents.
Thousands of genuine collectibles that cover you head to toe.

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Viking Ulfberht Sword 26-500864

Copied from a sword shown in Ian Pierce’s book Swords of the Viking Age. An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first all steel blade.
Sku: 26-500864  Price:$195.00

Deluxe Arm Bracers BTS-2151

Deluxe Arm Bracers feature a solid background color with contrasting trim and center color. Hand Made in USA from quality leather. These custom made leather arm bracers are hand dyed to suit and are Great for SCA or LARP.
Sku: BTS-2151  Price:$79.99

Hunters Leather Quiver BTS-2356

A timeless classic for the traditional archer. Elegantly tapered Hunters Quiver with a generous 5½ inch opening and 3 inch bottom that is double thickness to prevent point penetration.
Sku: BTS-2356  Price:$180.00

Game of Thrones Jon Snow LARP Longclaw Sword 26-889710

Game of Thrones Jon Snow LARP Longclaw Sword is a replica of that legendary and lethal Valyrian sword. This replica is officially licensed and recreates the details of Longclaw, from the white wolf head pommel to the black hilt and the curved guard.
Sku: 26-889710  Price:$93.00

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Nights Watch Shirt 26-889702

Our licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Gambeson is made entirely from cotton blended fabric that is dyed black to match the iconic look of the men who serve in the Night's Watch.
Sku: 26-889702  Price:$55.00

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Peasecod 26-889703

Our licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night Watch Peasecod or  doublet is crafted entirely in black faux leather, featuring capped sleeves and a length that goes just past the waist.
Sku: 26-889703  Price:$123.00

1840 NCO Sword 500350

The 1840 NCO Sword was carried by American soldiers for over 70 years.
Sku: 500350  Price:$99.95

Magnetic Sword Hanger PC-100

Our Magnetic Sword Hanger is the newest invention in sword display technology! This powerful magnet is designed to hold a sword either vertically or horizontally in position on a wall. The sword holder can be used with medieval broadswords and Japanese swords.
Sku: PC-100  Price:$19.00

Pewter Astrology Sundial Ring Pendant 289-PC16AP

Our Pewter Astrology Sundial Ring Pendant is engraved with the Signs of the Zodiac. This bold pendant, handcrafted in pewter and bronze, is a favorite.
Sku: 289-PC16AP  Price:$39.95

King Crown Gold RJ13333

This Kings Gold Crown is 4.25" high and the band has an adjustable diameter from 7" to 8".
Sku: RJ13333  Price:$34.95

Gift Certificate

Our Gift Certificate. Buying gift certificates makes your life simpler and people love to receive them! The giver's name and the recipient's name is left blank for an anonymous present.
Sku: Gift-3  Price:$0.01

Ice Sword Die-Cast Metal Letter Opener Game of Thrones GOT-7-L

Open your letters as easily as Ice lops off hea…..well you get the point! The Valyrian steel Ice is now an awesome letter opener made from die-cast metal and a whopping 9 inches long!
Sku: GOT-7-L  Price:$29.99

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Nights Watch Cape of the North 26-889700

This licensed Game of Thrones Jon Snow Nights Watch Cape of the North has a dual leather straps. Faux fur lines the neck  and has an adjustable buckle keeping the cloak secure.
Sku: 26-889700  Price:$290.00

LARP Great Bascinet Helmet DC-393

The LARP Great Bascinet Helmet, 14th Century, has a steel hammered finish modeled in LARP hybrid polyurethane. Our polyurethane helmets are perfect for almost any type of re-enactment possibilities.
Sku: DC-393  Price:$375.96

Caribbean Pirate Ship 26" - White 143-A2203W

The Caribbean Pirate Ship is designed based upon the great ships of the Caribbean pirates who have a rich and colorful history that still keeps us interested.

Sku: A2203W  Price:$175.00

Chevrefoil Medieval Music CD AC04

Tristan and Isolde in Poetry and Music. Our Chevrefoil Medieval Music CD created by Istanpitta Medieval Early Music Ensemble. Instruments Include: Medieval harp, vielle, oud, lute, recorder, saz, Medieval bagpipes, psaltery, tabla, riqq, and tabor.
Sku: AC04  Price:$19.00

Elektra Sai with Wishing Well Display LH1631

Our Elektra Sai with Wishing Well Display is the exact reproduction as seen in the climatic final scene. Cast in resin, this collectible is detailed with brick work and a perfect color match and a detailed wishing well base.
Sku: LH1631  Price:$150.00

Game of Thrones Oathkeeper Foam Latex Sword 26-889711

This Licensed Game of Thrones LARP Oathkeeper pointy stick is 42" long. Made of durable latex with a fiberglass core.
Sku: 26-889711  Price:$90.00

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